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-Check-in and check-out guests in a confident, professional, and friendly manner. Be always present for late night check-ins & weekend check-ins.

 Initiate courtesy conversation with guests to ensure he/she is satisfied with accommodations and offer any assistance. Always give your business number to the guest and tell them to communicate as soon as there is an inconvenience.

 Communicate services and amenities of the hotel to guests.

 Anticipate guests’ needs, respond promptly and acknowledge all guests, however busy and whatever time of day.

 Take down: 1. Guest name, 2. Guest address, 3. Room rate, 4. Date of departure, 5. Number of guests in room, and 6. credit card imprint. 

 Provide Concierge services - fluent knowledge of local restaurants, special events, city attractions, etc.

 Assist with reservation calls in a professional manner.

 Prepare all next day guest reservations arrivals Check in slips.

 Knowledge of hotel documents and licenses. Able to talk to the Police, Fire Department & other gov. institutions.

 Keep the front desk as well as lobby areas clean and well organized.

 Develop relationships with local service providers and be pro-active in solving problems with TV CABO, EDEL, EPAL, and maintenance team for AC’s, generator and other equipment. Call them ASAP when there is a problem. If the problem is not resolved, go to the responsible institution and do your best until it’s resolved.

 Legibly document maintenance needs in front desk log and submit to Manager within the same hour.

 Maintain complete knowledge at all times of:

a. all hotel features/services, hours of operation.

b. all room types, numbers, layout, décor, appointments and location.

c. all room rates, special packages and promotions.

d. Expected arrivals/departures.

e. Room availability status for any given day.

Inventory count every Friday of the furniture, kitchen material, remotes, bed sheets, towel, cleaning material, food and report and other equipment

 Prepare management reports when requested

 Update the calendar on, and other websites and in internal software

 Ability to invoice, collect payments, prepare bank slips and deposit (when necessary)

 Optimizing the schedule, efficiency of the staff

 Prepare appropriate housekeeping reports for next business day. – Laundry and Cleaning

 Supervise the staff while they are setting dining room for breakfast, and while they prepare and serve breakfast

 Supervise the staff to make sure they clean and store food and beverage items from breakfast

 Supervise cleaning of rooms and common areas

 Supervise the laundry room and cleaning times


Titulação mínima
Ensino Secundário
Experiência exigida
1 Anos
Não definido
Português, Inglés
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias

Ability to perform assigned duties with attention to detail, speed, accuracy, follow through, courtesy, cooperativeness and work with minimum supervision.

 Ability to satisfactorily communicate in English and Portuguese (speak, read, write) with guests, co-workers and management to their understanding.

 Ability to accurately compute and manipulate mathematical calculations.

 Ability to effectively deal with internal and external customers, some of whom will require high levels of patience, tact, and diplomacy to defuse anger.

 Ability to work well under pressure of check-in/check-out of guests and handle multiple tasks at once.

 Punctuality and regular and reliable attendance.

 Impeccable presentation – including wardrobe, hair, nails, etc.

 Basic computer skills required.

 Being Pro Active whenever there is an issue and handling it in a quick and professional manner.

 Position is not limited to only the duties described above, assistance in other areas will be based on request by management when needed

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