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HSE Inspector
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The certified HSE inspector shall understand and practise correctly:

• To be responsible in advising project management on the proper implementation of Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Program.
• To report to the appropriate authority any concern, deviation and hazards which have been discovered, recognized and evaluated and which may adversely or negatively affect company operation.
• To coordinate with the client’s safety representative on matters necessary for the proper implementation of the HSE Program.
• To facilitate in ensuring full compliance to all applicable codes and standards, as well as guidelines set by the HSE Plan for a particular worksite or project site.
• To advise and facilitate obligation from the client’s safety supervisor in corrective actions and measures necessary to carry out the proper implementation of the HSE Program to its fullest intent.
• To provide guidance, advice and assistance to site superiors in the implementation of the HSE Program.
• To facilitate in ensuring that habitual safety violators are reported and given the appropriate disciplinary action by the concerned department, in accordance with approved company and worksite rules & regulations, and disciplinary action procedure.
• To maintain relative HSE statistical files, data and published HSE literatures, promotions and information necessary for the implementation of the HSE Program.
• To carry out regular and frequent HSE inspections and audits, in addition to official inspections required by Clients to particular assigned worksite.
• To bring to the management attention all evaluated defects and deficiencies to the conformance of the HSE program in order to facilitate resolution and subsequent HSE compliance.
• To conduct, participate and/or report in job safety meetings such as Toolbox meetings and Contractor progress meetings, etc.
• To share knowledge and experiences as a tool for educating company personnel as well as learn from experience personnel.
• To coordinate and conduct safety training’s in accordance with the HSE Program of the project and Client’s requirements.
• To coordinate first aid, fire, medical and other HSE related rescue operations and facilitate efficient execution of Emergency Response.
• To investigate all accidents, injuries, fires, property damage, and other safety related incidents, issues or disseminates required reports and ensures that recommended preventive measures are carried out.
• To evaluate the necessity of acquiring safety equipment and facilitate in ensuring equipment meets applicable standards during procurement.
• To check/advise proper usage and maintenance of HSE related protective equipment and evaluate effectiveness to particular job task or activity.
• To encourage all personnel to perform safety consciousness during safety toolbox meetings and to suggest ways of improving safety as well as preventing loss and damage to equipment and materials.

• To facilitate in ensuring that any equipment on site is suitable and provided with necessary valid certificate and to draw management attention to any defect or deficiency.
• To keep abreast with new laws, directives & standards and other development in the field of Safety, Health & Environment.
• To perform all other functions and responsibilities relative to HSE which be assigned intermittently by the Safety Manager.
• Adheres to company policies, procedures and works drug and alcohol free


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
2 Anos
Não definido
Português, Inglés
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias

Inspectors are required to have a minimum two (2) years practical experience and completed formal training. This must have been obtained through the mining or oil and gas sectors and an industry accredited training facility.

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