Abrasive blaster (Decapagem de pintura)

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Abrasive blaster (Decapagem de pintura)
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The certified blaster shall understand and practise correctly:

• The operation of abrasive blast machines to remove paint, scale, grease, tar, rust, corrosion, and foreign objects from the surfaces of steel
• Be able to operate a steam cleaner to remove sludge, oil, and grease from the surface of carbon steel prior to sandblasting.
• Have the knowledge to maintain hoses, nozzles and associated machinery and the ability to make minor repairs to machines and portable air compressors
• Assistance in erection of scaffolding and staging needed in sandblasting operations
• Requisitions materials and supplies from stock
• Adheres to company policies, procedures and works drug and alcohol free


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
2 Anos
Não definido
Não definido
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias

Abrasive Blasters are required to have a minimum two (2) years practical experience and completed 40 hours of formal training. This must have been obtained through the mining or oil and gas sectors and an industry accredited training facility.


• A working knowledge of manual grit blasting machines, materials, processes and practices
• A working knowledge of safety devices necessary for outdoor abrasive blasting including a working knowledge of the health hazards encountered and the protective devices used in abrasive blasting
• A general knowledge of the operation and routine maintenance of portable and towable air compressors up to 1200cfm
• The ability to work on scaffolding, staging, and ladders and within confined spaces
• The ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions and maps


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