Senior Subsea Engineer

Simples Oil - Onshore (Luanda, Cabinda, Soyo), todas as provincias



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Senior Subsea Engineer
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The scope of the SERVICE consists in:
- Perform and or manage Subsea Engineering studies required for the realization of projects managed by

department or for pre-studies within TEPA.
- Provide required technical support to subsea and pipeline projects within TEPA
- Provide the necessary support to verify and ensure the existing equipments integrity in close cooperation
with Subsea Inspection.
- To participate to the elaboration of technical solutions for Subsea development Projects and Subsea repair
and to prepare or participate to the preparation of Scope Of Work accordingly.

This SERVICE requires liaison:
- Internal: SUB, PRS and B17/FO
- External: Head Quarters, All Contractors and suppliers, in direct liaison with procurement, construction and
installation and with the constraints pertaining to the exploration, development, and production activities.

This SERVICE encompasses mainly the following activities:
- To personally keep abreast of technological developments related to pipeline, Subsea production system,
connection systems, subsea tooling etc., in term of components used, material choice, manufacturing,
installation methods and dimensioning calculation methods.
- To participate to Technical and HSE Audits.
- To participate to Project Technical reviews.
- To improve, adapt and update the procedures, the working methods and tools in order to answer the
discipline needs.
- To participate to the update of TEPA internal Subsea Integrity Management procedures.
- To issue or supervise the issuance of equipments technical specifications for his/her discipline.
- To do or lead or supervise studies leading to technical decision making.
- To propose technical solution and to make technical decision accordingly.
- To participate to the preparation of Call For Tender dossiers for externalized studies.
- In case of incident, to provide to affiliates all the assistance needed (diagnostics, repair methods, etc).
- To provide the necessary support to verify and ensure the equipments integrity (calculation aspects, ensure
compliance with Codes & Standards calculation aspect, approval of replacement components, access,
mitigation measures,etc ).
- To verify that Engineering dossiers are compliant with his/her discipline requirements.
- Internally to Engineering Department, to train, share experience with and supervise junior engineers.
- To participate to Subsea Integrity Management System and Emergency Repair Systems development within
the Affiliate.
- To participate to the elaboration of technical solutions for Subsea development Projects and Subsea repair
and to prepare or participate to the preparation of Scope Of Work accordingly.
- To issue, participate to the issuance or supervise the issuance of Scope Of Work for externalized studies in
his/her discipline.
- To provide the Technical support to Projects of EPT/SUB and EPT/PRS entities.
- To provide the Technical support to DB17/FO entity.
- To ensure that installation design is compliant with HSE Specifications of Group and TEPA internal SIM
- To show exemplarity and professionalism in the respect of HSE rules. To report anomalies.
- To keep updated HSE training certificates related to discipline activities and site visits (Medical Certificate,
BST and HUET).


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
3 Anos
Não definido
Português, Inglês
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias
  • Education: Graduated engineer or equivalent
  • Experience: Subsea Engineer in Project or affiliate Engineering
  • Good knowledge and previous experience with major SPS contractor(s)
  • Experience in marine operations, sub-sea works, installation at sea.
  • Fluent in English, knowledge of French and Portuguese will be appreciated. -BOSIET HUET,


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Simples Oil

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