Painting / PFP Works Supervision (Rotation)

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Painting / PFP Works Supervision (Rotation)
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Scope of the SERVICE:
The scope of the SERVICE consists of supervising the painting and PFP repairs campaign to be conducted on Girassol starting
on mid-2008. The person responsible for this service will be in charge of supervising and coordinating all the activities on
Girassol: scaffolding, blasting, painting and PFP application, until the end of the works.
This SERVICE encompasses mainly the following parts:
Technical SERVICES:
- To guarantee the good realization of work in respect of procedures, specifications, safety and environmental
protection in accordance with COMPANY'S requests.
- Coordinate and follow up the work progress and consolidate the activities into comprehensive files.
- To follow up procedures and instructions to be executed by COMPANY'S Contractor in a safely and efficiently
- To archive of all relevant files and document on site.
- To guarantee that a Risk analysis is performed prior to the start of any work.
- To assure that works are performed in complete accordance with Company Rules and Specifications.

Control SERVICES :
- To apply clear policies and general rules in order to have a coherent and homogeneous Construction Team.
- To ensure that contractor teams are aware that quality, planning and meeting deadlines are a permanent concern.
- To control of technical conformity of proposed materials and products.
- To follow up control of the WORK execution in all respect to the procedures, specifications, safety and
environmental protection.
- To initiate proactive detection of potential problems/issues/concerns to ensure delivery schedule and planning of
the work are met.

Communication SERVICES:
- To assume Liaison with COMPANY'S personnel (COMPANY'S projects Department (PJT), COMPANY'S construction
superintendent on site) involved in the works.
- To assume Liaison with COMPANY'S Contractor to coordinate availability and suitability of equipment.
- To participate to regular site coordination meetings to report activities of Contractor.
- To liaise and support Contractor representative for site survey and work visits.
- To maintain good relationship with the Contractor, being flexible enough but also strict when necessary to achieve
the objective of the project.


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Experiência comprovável no sector petrolífero
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