EPT HSE Coordination (Resident)

Simples Oil - Onshore (Luanda/Cabinda/Soyo), todas as provincias



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EPT HSE Coordination (Resident)
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- To coordinate and ensure, for multidisciplinary works, liaison between piping, structure, E / I, painting and other
project activities.
- To anticipate ITV works to ensure a consistent personnel mobilisation and avoid interface issues between different
- To ensure quality of service in the preparation and execution of assigned tasks, in compliance with Company and
international specification while optimising cost and lead times to meet production priorities.
- To coordinate the interfaces between all EPT activities and other entities on site.
- To control and report logistic of all ITV Contractors and associated ITV supervision teams.
- To be a point of contact for the Field Operation (DB17), related to POB.
- To elaborate with Field Operation the ITV work priorities and report these priorities to ITV superintendent.
- To ensure and comment each documents associated to the works permits (Work procedure, ARO, RLO, ROC, etc).

Coordination SERVICES:
- To closely follow-up each ITV Contractor mobilisation, planning and logistic.
- In case of mobilisation change or deviation, to analyse and propose a solution immediately to ITV Superintendent.
- To anticipate potential problems and liaise with ITV Superintendent and Field Operation to find a solution.
- To closely follow-up each ITV Contractor planning and make regular meeting with Contractors to ensure the
planning consistency.
- To call onshore Project Manager on a weekly basis to forecast any planning or mobilisation change.
- To elaborate and monitor a general planning for ITV works on Site.
- To identify and assess deviations from plan, scope change / growth and any other relevant factors that may arise
and advise assigned project personnel accordingly.
- To analyse trends and identify areas of concern / opportunities for improvement and address accordingly.
- To participate to regular progress coordination and shutdown preparation meetings.
- To optimise Contractor resources / efficiency to meet planning milestones and deadlines.
- To maintain files and records for review by Company auditors.
- To issue feedback report on important projects.
- To attend daily meeting with Field Operation.

Maintaining SERVICES:
- To conduct regular audits and inspections.
- To give clear and concise instructions and information to Contractors within his area of authority.
- To participate in HSE Committees.
- To follow-up on any incident, anomaly, unsafe act, near miss, damage, spill, injury or unprofessional behaviour.
- To notify HSE on accidents, incidents and near-misses and ensure follow-up recommendations are implemented.
- To anticipate to Cause Tree Analysis as a means to identify root cause of accidents or incidents; initiating corrective
remedial action as result of findings of investigations.

Authority SERVICES:
- To relieve Contractor from their duties in the case of non-compliance or violation of standards, Company Rules,
Procedures, Instructions, and applicable legislation.
- To suspend activities when there is a potential or actual threat to human life, the installation or the Environment.
- To take an active role upon facility: platform abandonment, if danger to crew and or facility / platform is imminent.


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
3 Anos
Não definido
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias

Preferentemente nacionalidade angolana
Imprescindível falar inglês
Experiência comprovável no sector petrolífero
Certificação BOSIET HUET
Conhecimentos de Office a nível usuario
Possibilidade de relocação entre as províncias (Luanda, Soyo, Cabinda)
Certificação HSE


Nome do empregador

Simples Oil

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