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General description

• The Electrician is responsible for ensuring that all electrical systems and related equipment are maintained, serviced and tested in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, the electrical standards and good industry practice.
• The Electrician is responsible for ensuring that deviations from the explosion proof integrity of installations and equipment within hazardous zones are identified and reported to the Electrical Supervisor.
• The Electrician is primarily responsible for the HV plant and power distribution
• system onboard the vessel but is not restricted to working exclusively on these systems. Responsibilities also include assisting the Electronic Technicians in their respective activities as and when is required by the Electrical Supervisor.
• The Electrician further has the responsibility for the following:
• Maintain a good working environment in all working areas and ensure good housekeeping and safe working conditions
• When controlling the work of others the Electrician is responsible for the safety of the personnel working under his management
• Be well acquainted with the legislation in respect of the working environment and safety, and the Clients Drilling’ safety and environmental policy; and ensure that this is applied in the daily work onboard. Particular attention to be paid to the Work Permit system and implementation of electrical safety.

• Ensure that the operation and maintenance of the electrical installations and the electrical equipment are kept on a high level, so break down during operation is avoided Check that the above tasks are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations in force together with the SIRIUS Management System of the Client
• Operate the electrical installations and equipment onboard as directed by the Electrical Supervisor
• Carry out necessary repairs and maintenance of all automatic electric systems and electronic equipment onboard in accordance with the Clients SIRIUS Management System and the Preventive Maintenance Program and under the management of the Electrical Supervisor
• Inspect the electrical installations and the electrical equipment onboard on a regular basis
• Ensure that the installations and the equipment (i.e. generators, transformers,SCRs, switchboards, DC and AC motors, BOP electrical control, galley appliances, lighting, winches, electrical hand-tools, etc.) at all times are in proper condition concerning safety as well as in compliance with the regulations
• Always keep the Electrical Supervisor informed of the operational status of electrical equipment and systems
• Assist the Electrical Supervisor regarding electrical questions in respect of modifications and other matters as requested and in the follow up of regulations for the electrical installation onboard
• After inspections by representatives of the Authorities and/or the Classification Society follow up their requirements and recommendations
• Keep the maintenance journal updated and prepare reports regarding the electrical installation in accordance with the SIRIUS Management System
• Maintain the filing of drawings and manuals for the electrical installation and the electrical equipment in good order.


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
5 Anos
Português, Inglês
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias

Where responsibility is allocated the matching authority is also granted, unless otherwise stated

Documentation and record responsibilities
Is responsible for the documentation and recording of jobs within duties and job areas Handover reports

Qualification requirements
Electrical Person with a Danish El installatør eksamen or holding a certificate of apprenticeship, preferable certified industrial electrician or recognized UK
Apprenticeship (City and Guilds) at Higher national Certificate, HNC, or Higher
National Diploma, HND, in electrical engineering. Candidates without official
qualifications must pass an internal test
■ Certified to supervise and carry out work on HV Power Plants
■ Minimum 5 years experience preferably including 3 years on offshore drilling rigs
■ Experienced in variable speed control of AC/DC motors
■ Experienced in HV power generation and power distribution onboard DP Rigs
■ Experienced in faultfinding and repairs to a wide range of PLC controlled equipment
■ Experienced in faultfinding, measuring and testing of electromechanical equipment
■ Experienced in faultfinding and testing of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
■ Experienced in calibration of analogue and digital transmitters
■ Conversant with documentation in the following areas:
■ Schematic drawings
■ Ladder diagram and Flow charts
■ Conversant with rules and regulations for electrical equipment comprising:
■ Electrical safety explosion proof equipment
■ HV safe working practices
■ Utilization of electrical equipment in different areas
■ Current rating, short circuit protection and selectivity IP protection
■ Conversant with Dynamic Positioning Drilling Rig Operations
■ Conversant with computerized maintenance systems
■ Conversant with Safety Management principles
■ Working knowledge of English
Safety Training Courses and Medical Certificate in accordance with the requirements
stipulated for regular crew by the continental shelf authority for the current
operating area

■ Training as per the Training Matrix or as designated by the Client


Requisitioning authority
As required to run the Electrical Department and as required according to
directions from the Maintenance Supervisor.

Safety and environment
■ Conduct in a manner which safeguards own and colleagues' safety and health
■ Advise on the safe operation of electrical equipment
■ Perform duties safely in accordance with instructions, procedures and training
■ Carry out electrical isolation in conjunction with the Work Permit system
■ Co-operate in enhancing safety standards
■ Check and calibrate gas detection equipment onboard
■ Participate in all safety training.


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