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The purpose of the SERVICE is to provide expertise to support Company in the development and implementation of good hygiene standards and personnel protection level corresponding to Total Referential and regulatory requirements.

The designee helps to define the methodology and budget necessary to achieve the objectives. The designee is, then, in charge of implementing the related actions.

Context and environment:

Health and Industrial Hygiene became key elements of the Company and DGEP policy. They answer to a very sensitive external concern and must reflect the sustained Group commitment in improving its HSE performances.

Technical activities :

  • Contribute to implement locally the EP Hygiene Policy.

  • Animate and promote Hygiene actions within Company with a network of correspondents, develop training and awareness modules

  • Coach Angolan junior industrial hygienists

  • Assist the Company entities for the implementation of a prevention policy, for Health Risk Assessment actions, for the implementation of mitigation measures related to these risks and for performance audits.

  • Assist Project and affiliate teams in term of Industrial Hygiene

  • Maintain expertise at the best level in term of :

  • Toxicology: F/U of latest information concerning Hazards related to chemicals used on sites.

  • Industrial Hygiene: Assessment and mitigation of professional risks existing in the different sites of Company (noise, radioactivity etc...).

  • Food and water safety

  • Epidemiology: participate to studies conducted by DGEP.

  • Technical: selection of adequate PPE and metrology equipment.

  • Ensure coordination with the Company entities (CMS, Occupational physician, SG hygienist), HQ entities (EP/HSE/IH, DMI and DDE).

  • Participate to professional workgroups related to Industrial Hygiene.


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
5 Anos
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Inglês, Francês
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias
  • Very good knowledge of Industrial Hygiene and health issues: chemicals risks, noise, radioactivity (artificial sources and naturally occurring radioactive material), noise, food and water safety, ergonomics, etc…

  • Good knowledge of European and/or US regulation on hygiene issues

  • Practical skills of industrial hygiene management (risk assessment, measurement on site…)

  • Knowledge and experience of the E&P operations appreciated

  • Good Practice of English, Portuguese and French appreciated.

Mandatory training:


  • Competent person in radioprotection appreciated


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Grupo Simples Oil

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