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The SERVICE is to maintain an operational organization which meets the requirements of regulations into force for different types of buildings and facilities in Luanda;

  • Coordinate the activities of the safety service through three (3) main items : Operations - Prevention Training;

  • Responsible for the operations and operational conditions of Safety organization on major sites and continuously maintains the highest level of safety;

  • Use knowledge of French legislation (IGH / ERP) but also international one, to design adapted measures to local context;

  • Responsible for training by defining specific programs and adapting the content as needed. He/she manages the competences level of fire safety teams and Company staff;

  • Support and conduct rescue operations before the arrival of Luanda emergency teams;

  • Technical advisor of General Services and especially for RSES Luanda in the prevention against the risks of fire and panic.

Context and environment:

    • Develop Angolanization program;
    • Ensure constant awareness and safety requirement follow-up for IGH./ERP;
    • Assistance to local fire safety service (EPIPPE);
    • Adapting fire safety policies to local circumstances;
    • Safety activities coordination;
    • Coordinate first aid assistance;
    • Responsibility of operational actions in case of emergency situation (RSES support).

Technical activities:

    • Organize and lead the fire safety service and maintain the operational organization;
    • Advise the Operations Coordinator and the RSES of Luanda on instructions’ compliance and specific safety IGH/ERP's rules;
    • Validate the training and qualification of fire safety personnel;
    • Carry out interface with the HR training management for fire safety personnel;
    • Maintain a monitoring relationship with E.P.I. to train a local safety organization and keep them involved;
    • Ask for and follow the checks and IGH/ ERP safety periodic inspections;
    • Define the patrol circuits;
    • Validate the admissibility of the work modification and arrangement of premises under the IGH rules;
    • Ensure the updating of the safety register;
    • Organize fire and evacuation drills;
    • Establish operational procedures for fire and rescue in accordance with the IGH/ERP rules;
    • Ensure the first aid on TTA perimeter and medical transport toward CMS (Ambulance);
    • Support the RSES in the operational management of emergencies;
    • Role of IASE with the RSES for the management of work permits (all classes) and helps to implement necessary measures;
    • Manage the provision of safety officers designated to enhance the fire safety of the industrial base and other Company sites in Luanda;
    • Perform prevention and safety ad hoc visits on LUANDA sites;
    • Facilitate and promote the actions of Industrial Hygiene and Safety at Company through network of correspondents;
    • Assist in the training and promotion of Angolan personnel.


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
10 Anos
Não definido
Não definido
Não definido
Aptidões necessárias
  • Firefighter executive level or specialist confirmed in the field of security - IGH/SSIAP3;

  • 10 years of operational experience on fire and rescue;

  • National prevention diploma or equivalent National certification;

  • Qualification and experience on emergency measures;

  • Qualification and experience for assistance to persons;

  • Proven experience in pedagogy and staff instructor's management;

  • French and Portuguese appreciated.

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