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The Supervisor assists the Head of fire safety service in his responsibility of site’s safety organization and operational accommodations in place permanently:

  • General skills should be extending to three (3) areas of safety service activities: Operations, Fire Prevention and Training ;

  • Communicate with the public, monitor the effectiveness of treatment of alert and drive specific actions of contingency plans;

  • Survey regulatory aspects and compliance levels of the existing property and projects;

  • Participate in the Angolanization by transferring knowledge to the safety teams according to fire safety programs.

Context and environment:

  • Multipurpose activities SSIAP3, firefighter, Site Supervision, Training Activities;

  • Direct involvement in the global management of fire safety of all real estate in LUANDA Company (IGH/ERP/Houses, Industrial);

  • Alarm management and activities of the agents on remote sites. Conditions of responsibility transfer clearly established;

  • Implementation of material emergency, assistance to people and diverse operations (protection of persons and property);

  • Function “safety supervisor” with permanent service;

  • Incentive to comply with safety requirement of the environment

Technical activities

  • Maintain vigilance of continuous operation of the safety organization;

  • Check the agents and the resources deployed on others sites;

  • Check the daily operation of the control room and TTA1/TTA2 security;

  • Perform ad hoc safety inspections of real estate sites;

  • Manage the communication with the public, businesses and technical units;

  • Check the application of the procedure of work permit and archiving;

  • Enforce corrective action’s after anomaly reporting related to HSE rules and procedures;

  • Ensure the operational vigilance and warning process;

  • Remind all necessary instructions to the team leaders for the operation of the service;

  • Monitor and provide ongoing training;

  • Educate and train the safety agents and all collaborators;

  • Operate the safety training center;

  • Conducting operations, first responders or emergency and support the work of the team leaders;

  • Intervene to assist persons in accordance with SIM / CMS procedures;

  • To form or maintain safety service documentation;

  • Follow the technological evolution (hardware, technical, regulatory) according to predefined priorities;

  • Establish or update the technical documentation of the safety service;

  • Update the HSE Initiative board, coordination of actions within the fire safety service;

  • Establish and request the validation of the purchase order related to material and control the stock;

  • Keep up-to-date the safety register and present it to control and signature to the Head of the Service.


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Required skills for the execution of the SERVICE;

  • Firefighter or operational specialist in the field of Fire Safety / HSE IGH / SSIAP 3. Or equivalent

  • Professional experience: 5 years.

  • Degree or proven experience in pedagogy.

  • National prevention certificate (Patent more appreciate)or equivalent HSE national formation.

  • First Aid qualification, search monitoring/instructor (at least CFAPSE).

  • Experience in fire training on simulators and others installations in training safety fire center.

  • Good basic knowledge of the computer tool.


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Grupo Simples Oil

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