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The scope of the SERVICE consists:

  • in case of emergency: to be the Duty Manager of the affiliate and manage the early steps of any emergency or crisis of the affiliate (organize MEDEVACs, first support to Sites,...) and to take the position of the deputy of the Incident Commander within the Crisis Room in case the Emergency Response Organization has been activated.

  • for administrative work: in assisting the various operational and support entities of Company in implementing its Emergency Response Management System. The designee shall be the Company specialist for all Emergency Response related matters: issuing and updating of reference documents, training of people, drills and exercises

Technical activities:

This SERVICE encompasses mainly the following activities:

  1.   Response in case of Emergency
  2.    § 24 hour / 7 days support as Duty Manager of the Company: manage all emergency from Company’s Sites from the early steps until the crisis is over. 

§ Advise/manage live responses on emergency and crisis matters as Deputy of the Incident Commander within the Emergency Response Cell;

  1.   Emergency Response Preparedness 
  2.   § Maintenance and development of Total E&P Angola Emergency Response Management System 

§ Follow-up of Action Plan concerning Emergency Response: incorporation of lessons learned from training, exercises, live responses and any other relevant sources into existing plans and procedures as appropriate

§ Assistance and advice to assets, entities and projects on all relevant Emergency Response issues including the development of emergency and crisis procedures, plans, and contingency arrangements through regular Sites visits (on facilities offshore and onshore)

§ Daily administration and coordination of Duty Emergency Response Organisation (core teams)

§ Training, coaching of an Angolan assistant.

  1. Trainings & Exercises § Organisation and coordination of appropriate training for the emergency response organisation: Strategic Response Cell, Emergency Response Cells, Advanced Command Post(s). Develop an annual training schedule.

§ Organisation, implementation, and debriefing of exercises defined in the yearly planning (Table Top Exercises, Medium Scale Exercises, Full Scale Exercises).

§ Audits Site exercises.

§ Implement Action Plan following the Exercises.

§ Training of all affiliate Sites leaders.

  1. Crisis Room & associated Tools § Development and maintenance of core emergency response facilities – primary (TTA2) and secondary (Impala), and response facilities

§ Development of tools to be used within the Emergency Response Cells and Advanced Command Post


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10 Anos
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Aptidões necessárias

REQUIRED SKILLS for the execution of the SERVICE:

  • Experienced in the management of Crisis / Emergency Response Organization (already been involved in the management of crisis rooms as Incident Commander within Fire Brigades or other Companies)

  • 10 years minimum experience in Crisis management and Emergency Response (involvement in the management of Incident Command Centre as Incident Commander within Fire Brigades or others Safety/ Rescue agencies)

  • Perfect knowledge of ICS (Incident Command System) to manage a crisis

  • Good knowledge of the management of technological and Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear risks and incidents

  • Basic knowledge of Oil & Gas E&P operations

  • Knowledge of oil spill response equipment offshore and onshore

  • English speaking and writing. French and Portuguese appreciated

  • Knowledge of HSE appreciated

Mandatory certificate:


  • GOC level 5 (“Gestion Opérationnelle et Commandement”, Command and Mangement of Response Operations, diploma delivered by the French Ministry of Interior) or equivalent.


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Grupo Simples Oil

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