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This is Go Global located in Egypt. We are currently expanding to Angola
I need urgently an assistant in Angola, to look after my business there .
My job is to send Egyptian companies to exhibit in the trade shows all over Angola particularly Luanda .

The exact job description include :
Contacting trade shows to book spaces : this will include emails , phone calls and sometimes when they are not responding you will need to pay them a visit in person.

Following up money transfer, issuing all the documents needed to my customers to get them to Angola .

Collecting all the information needed for international exhibitors to help them get to Angola ( we will discuss in private messages all the information I reached and what I still need to know )

So basically what I am looking for is more to a branch manager than an assistant . The person I am looking for must be fluent in both languages : English and Portuguese ( as far as I know this is the language spoken in Angola )

Presentable and can easily move between cities if needed
Smart and can take decisions concerning job if he/she could not reach me for any reason ( time difference or maybe I am out of reach or any unexpected issues )

Can attend the trade shows with the egyptian companies
Have the initiative to propose new ideas for us to expand in Angola ( of course this will come later after having a full vision of my companies activities and what we are looking for in Angola )

Timing is Very very important to our work, if you will bid on this job, better to have full commitment to the tasks you are assigned to .



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excellent search skills
formal emails writting


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Go Global

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