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Assistant Driller

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Assistant Driller
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The Assistant Driller's overall responsibilities are, but not necessarily limited to, the following:

Work as directed by his immediate superior;
Maintain working areas, tools, equipment and safety harnesses in a safe clean, tidy and orderly manner;
Familiarise himself the entire mud system, the safe operation and proper maintenance of same;
Be familiar with the safe operation and maintenance of the pipe-racking system;
Be familiar with the pipe tripping operations and how to safety handle and operate all drilling related tools and equipment;
Familiarise himself with all established well control procedures;
Familiarise himself with all established drilling operational procedures;
Familiarise himself with the running and testing of the BOP and how to operate the same and the diverter system;
Familiarise himself with the drill string compensator, riser tensioner system, and the sub sea TV system which is a part of BOP system;
Know how to fill in the daily drilling report;
Familiarise himself with Ton-Mile Calculation and keeping record for drilling line.


Be safely conscious in all his work and behaviour and use compulsory protective equipment;
Report any safety hazards to his immediate superior;
Ensure all orders received verbally or in writing are fully understood and adhered to at all time;
Participate in all safety drills and safety meetings held onboard;
Be familiar with all the relevant work and safety procedures issued by Ocean Rig AS and by the Operator and promote the implementation of same;
Be familiar with the alarm instructions/"Station Bill" and accordingly know his lifeboat position and all other applicable duties during safety drills and in an emergency situation;
Carry out his duties according to the Emergency and Contingency Manual when needed


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2 Anos
Português, Inglês
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Não definido
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Our client is one of the world’s market references in the oilfield service providing for offshore oil and gas exploration, development and production drilling. Specialized in ultra-deepwater and harsh-environment segment of the offshore drilling, the company presents an high-calibre of resources, owning and operation a significant fleet of ultra deepwater drilling units.

Assistant Driller


The assistant Driller needs minimum 2 years practise from drilling operations as well as completed training as Driller.

He shall have a valid Well Control Certificate (IWCF, Sub Sea Drillers level) and a valid Health Certificate.

He must have good knowledge of the English language, both oral and written.


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