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Consultor (Ramo de Agricultura)
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  • The consultant will need to develop a proposal that outlines the survey methodology, the analysis, as well as the questionnaire that will be used for the survey. Developing the analytical framework, i.e. refining and operationalizing the questions posited above, will be done in close cooperation between World Vision and the consultant.
  • The general objective is to conduct a crop post-harvest evaluation for improved varieties compared to counterfactual in 10 municipalities in the provinces of Huila and Cunene. The consultant will determine the actual values of the following indicators and follow the DAC criteria of coverage and effectiveness: Programmed months increase in the number of months of food self-sufficiency due to distributed seed systems/agricultural input for beneficiary households
  • The project is taking place in the following municipalities: Cunene provine: Kuanhama, Ombadja, Curoca, Cahama, and Cuvelai. Huila province: Matala, Quipungo, Chibia, Humpata, and Gambos.
  • The consultant will be required to hire enumerators to conduct the survey. World Vision staff will be responsible for the logistics and support the consultant in identifying where selected households are located.

**Interested candidates will receive a copy of the Terms of Reference for the project. Based on the ToR they will be required to develop a proposal describing the survey and analysis methodology as well as a budget that includes the costs for the surveyors. Deadline for the submission of this proposal is: 26 th of June 2017.


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  • The consultant (team) must have proven expertise and experience in conducting similar harvest surveys. S(he) should have a University agree in agriculture and at least 5 years experience in the management of agricultural projects. Surveyors contracted by the consultant should have previous experience in conducting field interviews.

  • The report should be submitted in English. Interviews will be conducted in Portuguese or local language. The consultant will be supported by staff who speak the local language. 


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