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Field Marketing Representative
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As a Field Marketing Representative, he is the point of contact to have a general understanding of overall business including market trends and analytics. Provides consulting and interpretation of market and consumer/customer research data to the organization. Maintains complete synchronization between all the functions and establishes plans by contributing to the development & training of the staffs.

To clearly demonstrate that goals, objectives and task are thought through in advance to ensure the required resource is available at the right place at the right time
Market intelligence & Sales:

 Responsible for the development and implementation of market research plans and relationships to market research suppliers/partners
 Run queries on own data (Business Object) and performs analysis to support the decision making process
 Compiles and deliver business intelligence reports to end users on a regular basis
 Provides integrated marketing analytical solutions across customers and channels, contributing to in-market action plans
 Drive deep consumer/customer understanding and ensure all marketing and product management projects are designed with the consumer at the heart
 Manage the operational performance reporting, streamlining processes and systems wherever possible, and advising senior management on maximizing business relationships
 Responsible for developing a coverage plan, thereby meeting agreed targets and promoting the organization’s presence
 Responsible for monitoring the performance of the team by establishing a system of reports and communications involving reporting, cyclical meetings, newsletters and electronic bulletins
 Needs to have and implement all the sales skills required to resolve all sales issues in all sectors of the trade at any given time
 At all times to ensure that deviations from plan are identified and corrective action is taken
 Communicates and confirms understanding of the targets and objectives
 Analyses the performance and take appropriate action to achieve its SMART objectives
 Has to ensure that all personnel are advised of working hours and that they are in strict compliance with company instructions
 To ensure ongoing compliance with company policy and procedure

 Has to follow strictly and implement the company disciplinary procedures when the need arises
 Proactively establish and maintain effective working team relationships with all support departments
Training & Development:
 To train and develop all direct reports on their key performance areas for continuous improvement
 Identifies all the training needs and put in place programs, including field training and classroom training courses
 Appraises all direct reports and identify training needs
 Addresses performance requirements of direct reports through classroom and in field training
Self Development:
 A personal plan exists and is updated to identify and to actively pursue opportunities to improve one's own performance and career development
 Development and training recommendations as highlighted in meetings and appraisals should be implemented
 Identifies and sets one's own personal goals and targets
 Contributes and runs meetings in an enthusiastic, constructive and positive fashion

 To ensure on an ongoing basis that all required reports are legible, accurate and on time
 Ensures that all personnel are aware of their individual reporting requirements and they are trained to complete them to the required standard
 All reports, weekly or monthly must be completed accurately and be submitted no later than the due date


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5 Anos
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Previous experience in sales and marketing for the FMCG industry


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