SRE - Site Reliability Engineer

FNDS -Fundo Nacional de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, Moçambique - Maputo, todas as provincias

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Faixa salarial
AKZ 300.000-450.000 / mês
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SRE - Site Reliability Engineer
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Descrição da função

The three SRE will be integrated into the IT team of the Ministery of land and Territorial Development based in Maputo, Mozambique on a 1-year full-time contract, renewable upon satisfactory performance evaluation, for the total duration of the Mozland Project (until March 2024).
The SRE duties and responsibilities shall include:
• Develop, install and maintain an on-premises cloud platform to provide the necessary environment for SiGIT;
• Participate proactively in the integrated approach of Reliability Engineering using a set of DevOps tools and technologies to simplify and automate IT operations to increase the team’s efficiency and maximize the reliability and performance of the system,
• Continuously monitor and provide regular and incident reporting on the computing environment and the SiGIT application;
• Upgrade the security measures including prevention and combat of vulnerabilities, and provide induction of users in security best practices both at the central and regional levels;
• Implement and maintain a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solution including the development of the appropriate procedures and personnel training
• Supervise the service level agreements (SLAs) of all different Service Providers, and provide advice to the Management on the activities and services contracted with different suppliers;
• Support Management in identifying capacity-building needs and plan all staff training and change management;
• Produce and maintain supporting documentation of all processes, hardware, and software and disseminate information to all stakeholders;


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
5 Anos
Não definido
Area funcional
  • Arquitectura de Intranet
  • Informática
  • SQL Server
Aptidões necessárias

• University degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Information and Communication Technologies or equivalent;
• Experience of at least 3 years after graduation in Data Center management and management of computer networks with more than 200 users and 50 servers, Linux and Windows Server OS, virtualization and container technologies and their orchestration such as Kubernetes, Docker, Rancher, Apache Mesos, Openshift or Nomad
• Proven experience in installing, configuring, and troubleshooting at least one of the most common on-premises cloud computing platform, such as Openstack, Eucalyptus, OpenNebula, CloudStack, vCloud;
• In-depth knowledge in the installation, configuration, and maintenance of servers, network equipment, communication, and security, using Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Terraform, etc;
• Knowledge of CI/CD pipelines for distributed applications, using Jenkins, Buildbot, GoCD, etc. and experience with subversion systems, branching, and code fusion control tools like GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.;
• In-depth knowledge of at least one programming language (C/C++, Java, Go, Ruby) and one scripting language (PHP, Python, JavaScript, Bash, PowerShell);
• Thorough knowledge of SQL Database Management Systems (PostgreSQL) and experience with DBMS scalability, distribution, and performance and reliability optimization;
• Thorough knowledge of cybersecurity and complementary physical security and identify issues relevant to the definition of security policies and experience in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Restore procedures;


Sobre a nossa empresa

The National Fund for Sustainable Development (FNDS) is a project management agency supervised by the Minister of the Rural Development of Mozambique, with legal, administrative, financial, and patrimonial autonomy, whose mission is to promote, finance, and manage sustainable development initiatives in the rural areas, in line with the Government economic, social and environmental objectives towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with focus on climate change.
FNDS has received funds from the World Bank under the Mozambique Land Administration Project (MozLand) IDA Grant No. D401-MZ, to modernizing the Mozambique Land Administration Sector and in that regard, it is seeking to hire three Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) to maintain the National Land Information Management System (SiGIT) and its underlying infrastructure to ensure high availability, high performance, and sustainability on handling massive volumes of data from Systematic Land Registration processes.

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