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At Eni, we are looking for a Wellsite Geologist within Eni Angola in Soyo, Libongos Rig. You will be responsible for organizing and controlling the implementation of geological operation in the well, providing specific guidance to the drilling activities, in compliance with the rules and principles of Eni Angola.

As a member of the Geology department at Eni Angola, you will be responsible for:
• Guiding the other technicians in the analysis of coherent and integrated information, ensuring the analysis and reduction of the uncertainty and risks connected with geological techniques, as well as the quality and time of data delivery;
• Controlling the activities of the service provider companies involved in the well operations;
• Analysing geological and oil information/conditions that may affect the drilling;
• Monitoring the geological activities (description of trough samples, gas detection, evidence description, acquisition of wireline records during the drilling, acquisition of pore pressure points, etc.) during the drilling, test and completion of exploratory and development wells;
• Monitoring the geological drilling parameters, making sure to detect changes in the pressure gradient and supporting his superior in the well data integrated analysis;
• Monitoring the control of the surface quality processes and well exploration operations;
• Carrying out and checking the well data preliminary interpretations quality, contributing to evaluate the geological potential of reserves;
• Ensuring that the drilling mud is mixed according to the specifications, making sure that the required weight, viscosity and salinity are maintained;
• Checking the drilling wall and the main operations, describing the rock samples being drilled by the probe, analysing them, being aware of the possible uncontrolled emergence of gas and oil;
• Monitoring the equipment used in operations, checking if it is in good working order, carrying out control tests;
• Drafting daily geological reports, providing information of the well and operating activities update;
• Drafting the final report of the Company’s internal use as well as the composite profile;
• Alerting his immediate superior whenever an anomaly is reported in the development of operations;
• Keeping updated regarding new techniques, minimizing the risks inherent in the exploration;
• Proposing methods and instruments, optimizing the exploration revenue, being able to participate in the selection and control of subcontracted services in his area of activity;
• Applying corrective actions, necessary to improve quality and cost containment;


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This is the opportunity for you if you have these skills and requirements:
• Education at graduate level or higher in the area of Geology, Petroleum Geology;
• Extensive work experience in that area.
• Fluent Portuguese and English;
• Computer knowledge from user’s point of view.
• Knowledge of well data integrated use;
• Knowledge of pressure forecast;
• Knowledge of well operations and analysis;
• Knowledge of preliminary training assessment;
• Knowledge of drilling operations;
• Knowledge of activity and work completion throughout the operation;
• Knowledge of technical and contractual specifications of the subsurface geology services.


Sobre a nossa empresa

About Eni Angola

Eni has been operating in Angola since 1980, with development projects amounting to nearly 150,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day. Since 2006, Eni has operated Block 15/06, which lies some 350 kilometres to the north-west of Luanda and 130km west of Soyo. Wells are fitted with the most advanced environmental sustainability and safety systems, including systems designed to eliminate gas flaring and water discharge. They are also concentrated in two areas, the West Hub and the East Hub, where we have achieved a number of major successes. In four years, we have started work on eight fields.
With other recent exploration successes in Angola, now is a great time to join us and strengthen your expertise with a company that applies deep knowledge, expertise and technological innovation to everything we do.

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