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Empresa líder em TIC / Telecomunicações - Luanda , Luanda

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Gestor de IT
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Profile description IT Manager ; The profile of an IT (Information Technology)
- Manager is multifaceted, requiring a unique combination of technical skills, leadership, project management and strategic vision;
- Technical knowledge: An IT Manager must have a deep understanding of the information technologies relevant to the organization he or she is leading;
- This may include operating systems, networks, cybersecurity, data storage, virtualization,
among others;
- Leadership: Leadership skills are essential to inspire and motivate the IT team. The IT Manager must be able to guide, develop and empower team members, as well as make difficult decisions when necessary;
- Project management: As many IT initiatives involve complex, cross-functional projects, the IT Manager needs to be proficient in project management. This includes planning, allocating resources, monitoring progress, resolving problems,
and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget;
- Strategic vision: The IT Manager must have a clear understanding of the organization’s strategic objectives and how information technology can support these objectives. This involves developing and implementing IT strategies aligned
with the company’s mission and vision;
- Team management: In addition to leading the IT team, the IT Manager is also responsible for recruiting, selecting, training and developing talent. It must create a collaborative work environment and encourage innovation and technical excellence.
- Security Management: Given the growing threat of cyber attacks, information security is a critical concern for all organizations. The IT Manager must implement robust cybersecurity policies and procedures to protect the company’s information assets against internal and external threats.


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
5 Anos
  • Licenciatura em Ciências da Comunicação
  • Licenciatura em Engenharia Informática
Aptidões necessárias

Angolan Nationality
Degree in Computer Engineering or similar areas;
Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in similar functions;
Fluency in English (spoken and written);
Strong organization and analysis skills;
Sense of responsibility, dynamism and proactivity;
Team spirit and good interpersonal skills;
Good communication skills, verbal and written.


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Empresa líder em TIC / Telecomunicações

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Empresa líder em TIC / Telecomunicações

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