Security Administrative & POB Coordinator

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Security Administrative & POB Coordinator
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o Respect and promote the HSE referential of the Affiliate within his/her perimeter of activities, especially with
receptionists’ team.
 Supervision
o On a monthly basis, summarize the working hours from staff and the distance done by PRT vehicles (kilometers);
o Supervise and organize the receptionists’ service;
o Ensure the security rules of visitors within TTA1 and TTA 2 are strictly followed up;
o Follow up the KPI for receptionists’ service; identify trends;
 Administration and budget management
o Participate in the budget preparation and follow-up in coordination with Security department head;
o Prepare the Service quality meetings for PRT owned contracts;
o Check and control the invoices for all security contracts and receptionists’ contracts;
o Ensure payment of PRT invoices is done in a timely manner;
o Establish on a permanent basis the link with DF and DT/ACT for the transmission of information concerning all
contract topics, especially during the process of call of tender;
o Carry out the administrative tasks for the purchase of security materials.
 Personnel On Board
o Collect all the reliable information to consolidate the POB of the Affiliate on a daily basis;
o Propose and improve suitable measures to improve the POB collection process;
o Analyze the information of the POB and summarize relevant issues concerning security topics (demobilization of
sites, lack of information needed for potential evacuation...);
o Update the security department dashboard with the POB information;
o Coordinate with the security maritime coordinator to consolidate POB with OFFSHORE data.
 Security Culture & Communication
o Ensure TEPA induction process is fully operational by coordinating with badge officer;
o Raise the security culture awareness by participating to webinars and other social or work-related events;
o Improve security culture awareness by proposing or updating communication tools and pedagogical material;
o Develop survey to assess the security culture awareness among TEPA workforce;
o Participate to the animation of the head of sector network by proposing/attending regular meeting and sec events in
coordination with the head security department;
o Develop web tool (WAT) to promote PRT actions and security events;
 Crisis management
o Participate in the security risk assessment in coordination with the head of security department by monitoring social
o Maintain communication tool operational to be able to communicate with TEPA employees by anticipation or during
a security event;
o Able to deliver quickly relevant POB information in case of emergency.
 Miscellaneous
o Deliver Security induction to newcomers;
o Any other mission that may request the competency of the admin and POB coordinator, as requested by the security
head of department.


Titulação mínima
Formação Técnico Profissional
Experiência exigida
5 Anos
Não definido
Português, Inglês, Francês
  • Licenciatura em Engenharia Informática
  • Segurança Electrónica
Aptidões necessárias

 Qualifications
o Post-secondary education;
o Personnel on Board tool expertise;
o Risk assessment expertise;
o Experience in Security (security at work, access control system, hardware and software);
o Budget expertise (planning, elaboration);
o Experience in administrative or marketing position;
o Experience of preparing and managing international event (multicultural);
o Experience in web design, pedagogical digital tool;
o Fully familiar with social media;
o Basic Knowledge of Cyber security;
o Ability to write and speak in English (Bright Test level 4);
o Ability to write and speak in French (Bright Test level 2);
o Pack office software strong knowledge (Word, Excel and PowerPoint);

 Skills
o Results oriented;
o Ability to teach, train people;
o Organization and method;
o Confidentiality;
o Sense of diplomacy;
o Fully committed, able to work during off hours in case of crisis;
o Teamwork spirit.


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Empresa líder em Prestação de serviços

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