Disaster Response Coordinator

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Disaster Response Coordinator
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Work closely with Program staff to ensure all employees, casual labor;
and incentive staff are engaged correctly as per FORAFRIKA Human Resource Policy;
This includes:
Recruitment of approved positions, local government approval, interview, facilitate employment contract, job description;
Maintain a complete staff file for each employee / casual laborer. See that employment contracts are renewed timely with approval of Country Director / Disaster Response;
See that staff is correctly maintained. Remunerated on time (including verification of timesheets), clothing (protective organizational), medical, leaves, and accommodation as per policy;
Development of staff through formal courses and on the job training;
Initiate disciplinary / corrective actions when needed;
See that terminations & end of employment contracts are administrated correctly;
Leads staff planning for the site in close liaison with senior management & technical staff;
Coordinate staff movement & travel authorizations of the site;
Program Support. Liaise closely with FORAFRIKA Program Leads on program needs, and provide best support possible considering time, cost, and quality. Ensure that program;
Is updated daily on the progress of the support they require. Ensure open communication channels with support offices and that online tracking is available for each component;
Activities are aligned to donor funding and priorities;
Lead initiation of contracts for Construction and partnership MOUs. Coordinate with Country Director / DRD for approval;
Supply Chain. Oversee the site’s supply chain and align structure to provide the best possible support in timely manner; Details specific are reflected on the job descriptions of the Logistic Officer, Warehouse Supervisor, and Drivers. Ensure that;
Online trackers are updated daily for Procurement status & Inventory;
All FORAFRIKA vehicles are deployed to best serve program needs and that usage coordinating system is in place; Vehicles must be tracked, have logbooks, operated legally, be road worthy, insured, and meet FORAFRIKA security requirements;
Facility rental & maintenance is adequate to support program needs. Contracts should be updated. Facilities should be safe and have stable water & electricity;
Ensure that the site has consistent communication capacity in email, internet, VHF radio and sat phone for back-up; Actively reduce damage to equipment, abuse, and see that it is used for its correct purpose;
Finance. Oversee the site’s financial activities and ensure that timely support is provided to program needs. Ensure operations are compliant to FORAFRIKA Financial SOP. This includes;
Financial planning for new budgets. Submitting of a monthly cash projection. Participating in finance pipeline planning;
Ensure that laws and regulations of the funding entity is implemented diligently. Stay up to date with funder financial rules;
Avoid keeping cash on site or driving around with cash. When expenditures arise, draw cash and pay immediately. Make maximum use of electronic payment methods such as bank transfers and mobile phone payments;
Record Keeping & Reporting – ensure that an accurate journal is maintained online and updated daily with shared visibility to CD and GSO;
Provide close supervision to the site’s payroll. See that it is correct, submitted for approval by 18 th of each month, and paid by the 28 th;
The Response Coordinator is in regular contact with the CD, DRD;
Country Management in order to insure smooth running of all the site’s departments and activities;
Most of this communication is done in writing to ensure proper documentation. It includes;
Procedures Ensure that FORAFRIKA Country Policy & Procedures are followed within all the site’s activities as well as GSO Disaster Response Policy & SOP’s. Apply corrective action & report violations to the Country Director;
Standards. See that program activities follow SPHERE standards;
Coordinate. With local government and other humanitarian organizations on FORAFRIKA program activities. Maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders;
Chair weekly coordination and share minutes the same day.
Ensure there is regular contact with community leaders on FORAFRIKA program activities;
Donors. Handling of donor visits to site ; related liaison.
Actively source new funding opportunities.
Assist with drawing up new proposals;
Ensure that active proposals are implemented on site according to approved Implementation Plan;
Safety ; Security. Proactively manage the safety & welfare of staff and assets as per FORAFRIKA Security Policy &; SOP’s.
Lead updating of the site specific safety procedures such as security file, communication plan, compound safety, and evacuation planning;
Implement risk reduction actions. The Site Coordinator is the site focal person for security and should authorize or stop activities based on joint risk assessment;
Ensure security information is shared timely by creating effective dissemination structures. Example radio / sms to drivers and staff in the field;
Reports. In coordination with Program Leads provide written reports using standard formats used by FORAFRIKA and Funders. Ensure that reports are submitted timely. At present the following reports are required (apart from logistic & finance);
FORAFRIKA internal situation report – weekly – due Friday COB. Funder Reports per grant.
As local government may require.
Communication. Responsible for all official communication of the site, including to local government, partners and other aid agencies;
Information. Stay up to date with latest developments in your area of operation. Feed key information to FORAFRIKA site staff, DRD and Country Management. This is essential to support decision making for the site’s activities, future planning, and safety of staff;


Titulação mínima
Experiência exigida
3 Anos
Português, Inglês
  • Gestão de Recursos Humanos
  • Técnico supervisor
Aptidões necessárias

Angolan nationality;
Degree in Human Resources, Administrative Management or similar areas;
Minimum 4 years experience in the field;
Experience with personnel coordination, tax payments and payroll;
Fluent level of English;
Responsible and Assiduous


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Empresa líder em ONG / Organização Internacional

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Empresa líder em ONG / Organização Internacional

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