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Digital Power Account Manager
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  1. Explore and develop energy optimization and renewable energy (including photovoltaic (PV)) projects opportunities for telecom sites and data centers in the carrier market and in the industry in general, and achieve market order and landscape objectives, in the region;
  2. Manage and oversee the project development and implementation phases, as well as be the liaison with the technical and non-technical parties involved;
  3. Undertake the sales expansion of energy optimization, renewable and PV energy services in the carrier market, including insight into customers, market insight, solution development, sales strategy development, and competition strategy development and implementation;
  4. Be responsible for the bidding of energy optimization and renewable energy project (including photovoltaic (PV)) solutions and commercial designs in the market, and establish and maintain customer relationships to effectively transfer the value of solutions;


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5 Anos
  • Comandos eléctricos
  • Comercial
  • Redes
Aptidões necessárias
  1. Masters in relevant engineering field with 3 to 5 years working experience in the energy industry, or equivalent;
  2. Registered with the Mauritius CRPE or equivalent International body is desirable;
  3. Have an excellent technical understanding of energy optimization strategies, renewable energy and photovoltaic systems;
  4. Have led the implementation and oversight of energy optimization and renewable energy projects;
  5. Experienced in the sale of energy products, energy contracts or energy consultancy/ strategies;
  6. Experienced in the design of energy optimization and renewable energy solutions;
  7. Desirable experience in dealing with clients in the telecom and data center markets, as well as from different industries/ sectors;
  8. Desirable experience in energy business strategies, energy markets, or energy financing. A professional recognition or certification in the field of energy is desirable.
  9. Desirable experience in working in the energy sector in the Indian Ocean and Southern African region.
  10. Understand carriers' communications scenarios, telecom power supply scenarios, energy storage, have the capability of solution insight, design, guidance for telecom energy scenarios, and have a certain understanding of product deployment strategies, such as batteries, PV, environment monitoring, and Building (Energy) Management Systems (BMS or BEMS).
  11. Understand industry energy demand scenarios, and able to carry scenario analyses.
  12. Understand the functioning of the power grid, and have insight into the industry energy market, solution design, and guidance capabilities.


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